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Termite Pest Control Holland MI

Termites are a known terror to any home. Whether there’s only a few or they’ve started lining your walls one thing is for certain: you need some help. At Van Den Berge Pest Control Inc. we specialize in keeping your house termite free for as long as possible so you can keep that off your list of concerns. We’ve been dealing with the little wood eaters since our creation in 1986, and providing our labeled service right alongside our protection; our customers have been happy. While termites can seem like a pest that is difficult to deal with, we have a few options to keep your home protected. Our first offer will do a complete spot search of your home to find any problem locations. After finding any issues we spray the area to make sure the current termites die out and even place baited traps in your yard. These traps reach underground to attract the termites away from your home, so there’s no messy cleanup but what’s in the devices. As with most of our other treatments if you choose this course of action it would be best for your home if you scheduled a return appointment every three months. Any more time than that and the protectant will have worn off, leaving your home unprotected. The main offer we showcase against termites is a once every ten year solution, making it the current customer favorite. When you choose this service an expert will dig a four inch trench around your home in order to allow a liquid injected chemical into the ground. This protectant works round the clock for ten years, but for a small fee we will return every year to check everything. If the chemical needs to be replaced then we will do that as well as any spot treatments all at no extra charge. Even though we’re experts at what we do one of our main focuses is ensuring your satisfaction, and keeping costs as low as possible is one way we accomplish that. With a track record of excellence without forsaking the quality, Van Den Berge representatives are all you need when any insect starts munching on your home. With over a hundred years of combined experience our technicians have handled more termite cases than years you’ve been alive! Not a single spot is overlooked in our assessments, because we want to make absolutely certain we’re fixing your entire issue the first time – no hassle and no confusion. When you make a meeting with us you’re making a meeting with the best, and we’ll settle for nothing less. For all the termite issues you may have, we’ll be right there beside you to resolve it and keep you in the loop every step of the way. Regardless if you’re having a termite infestation, a spider problem or an ant problem, Van Den Berge will have your back where the larger companies will have your wallet; and we all know just how important saving money really is.

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