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Spider Pest Control Holland MI

Most lakeside homeowners understand what a bug problem can really be, especially during the hot and muggy summer months. One of the big issues during this time is spiders. These little eight-legged creatures have struck fear into the hearts of millions worldwide, and an infestation of them would leave many screaming for fire. There are products you can buy at the store that may work just fine against a specific spider, but are you positive that’s the type of spider you’re dealing with? When it comes to the safety of your family and your home, you can always trust in Van Den Berge’s spider control services. What many people aren’t aware of is just how resilient a spider can be when it comes to treatments, or how it takes times to see results. This is caused by the very nature of spiders. While a chemical seal can be left in one spot for the spiders to travel over, their long legs keep it away from their bellies for a time, which is a fact. Spraying everywhere would only cause more issues for the environment and your home than it would for these creatures, so deliberate placements are what your yard needs. At Van Den Berge we’re always ready for these situations, and these are what we take into account when visiting your home. Our exterminators have the combined experience of 120 years, including experience dealing with spiders. Whether they’ve invaded your home or they’re getting uncomfortably close, we’re always readily equipped to be your solution. The chemicals we use are safe for the environment and your yard; as well as any pets you may have running around your yard. This is to help you keep that peace of mind you deserve when hiring any pest control service, and especially ours. Over the years we’ve taken the standard of buying a decent product to save costs and flipped it around; we only use the best products on the market for your exterminator needs. We treat for spiders using a strong outside chemical that will remain effective for up to three months; which after half a month to resolve your problem you can rest assured you won’t have to worry about it for a time. Just like with most of our other treatments we suggest a future dated appointment where our experts will come out and verify your home is still protected and to replace the treatment. This ensures your complete satisfaction with our services and keeps the eight-legged creeps away from your home for the maximum amount of time possible – all year long. Whether you’re having a minor issue with a few spiders in the house or you’ve got a shed you’re trying not to burn down, Van Den Berge Pest Control Inc. is there for your needs. We promise not just to take care of your spider issue, but we will also ensure the entire process is simple to understand without breaking the bank. Keep your family safe this summer, hire an exterminator.

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