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Starting in 1986 a budding name began in Grand Rapids, MI for the up and coming pest control company, Van Den Berge. Ever since owner Mitch created the company, Van Den Berge Pest Control Inc. has built up a reputation of first rate customer service that has been carried on by every technician staffed under the service since. Satisfaction being the number one priority behind the actual task at hand, you can rest assured that when leaving your insect needs to our top notch professionals you’ll be in for a hassle free service, guaranteed. Because of our local background we have always relied on word of mouth to get information on our services around, which has led to over 28,000 satisfied customers since the beginning. Just like customer service is one of our top priorities, so is ensuring a clear and happy home for you and your loved ones key. By providing the pest control services you need most, we make certain you won’t have to fret about that irritating bug problem any longer. Whether you’re in the market for spider control, ant control or even a termite treatment, we take our work very seriously so you don’t have to worry over your home or the health and safety of your family. Our biggest and most common service is ant control; starting in spring and going through fall these little insects make a habit of colonizing everywhere they can find food – including your yard. To ensure your home will be ant free for as long as possible we use the best products available on the market. These protectants will keep your home safe without leaving a rotten smell inside or out with our indoor spot treatment services as well as the outside treatment. Most homeowners know that termites can be a very tricky problem, since they can eat away at your house from the inside. We offer a long-lasting treatment where an expert exterminator will come to your home and inject a liquid protectant into the ground around it. If you currently have an infestation it will take two to three months for the termites to die out, but keep your home safe for up to 10 years. We also offer a more singularly focused service as well as bait and trap services where once a quarter we’ll spot touch any problem areas in your home and set down baited traps in your yard to lure in the termites from inside. These traps have a delayed poison that will kill off the termites after they’ve had the chance to share the food. The last big summer issue tends to be spiders, and we’ve all seen them at the Fourth of July parties right where they shouldn’t be, in the garage with the grill. Our spider control treatment will ensure no unexpected eight-legged visitors appear around your home so you can carry on with peace of mind. With a heavy outside treatment your spider problem will become a thing of the past, just like any other pest control company when you choose us. So remember if you’re looking for a personalized experience every time you call that has your needs in mind, you can call Van Den Berge Pest Control Inc.

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