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Ant Pest Control Holland MI

We’ve all been to that summertime party thrown by family or a friend where everything was perfect, aside from the ants. Sometimes fighting nature can be tricky, since these little buggers have colonies all across the globe. Other times you just know that you need some help, and your little house guests are no longer wanted. When searching for any ant pest control services you’re looking not only for something that works, but something that’s going to work for a while. Alternatively, every product may look like it offers the same protection; but they may only last a couple weeks compared to another product that lasts up to three months. When dealing with an infestation of ants the best and most recommended way to deal with it is by calling an exterminator. While you can purchase store carried merchandise that offers protection for a limited time, a product won’t tell you where all the most common hidden anthills would be. The advantage gained from having an expert come in for any infestation, whether you’re dealing with ants, spiders or termites is that they can determine how severe the issue is and the right course of action. Overall a visit from an expert can save you and your home time and money in the long run. Ants are always most active from the spring all the way through fall, three seasons of pure activity and expansion to areas you might not have thought possible. At Van Den Berge Pest Control Inc. we’re more than prepared to deal with these little intruders. In order to keep your home clear we have two different services for your exterminator needs. First we offer just a spot treatment designed to kill off any current residents in the most common problem areas of your home. This offer is more focused as a quick fix for a smaller bug problem and is not recommended for those with an invasion. The second offer is a full blown treatment to cover your entire home. This treatment is applied outside with some spot touches added on the inside. It’s also recommended that regardless of which option you choose, a return appointment is established. After three months the treatment will wash away and become ineffective (just like every other treatment), so while it is entirely up to you your home will not be protected after this amount of time. Whether it’s spring, summer or fall, these little creatures will spend all day eating and foraging, all the while expanding farther and farther outwards – each day closer to your home. The biggest issue with ants is their pure resiliency; it doesn’t matter how many times you do it yourself they will just keep coming back, unless you receive a full treatment. Not to mention the dependableness of the store bought products in general, who’s to say they won’t wash away after a single rainfall? If you’re looking for an ant control service that will not only get rid of those pesky insects for you but also one that provides top notch customer service then you’ve made the right decision checking out Van Den Berge, as customer service is what we pride ourselves on aside from our dedication to our jobs. Even though our focus is on the ants, it never leaves you.

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